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What is Orange Frog Racing? And why did I find it on Ball and Ball's web site?

Well those are good questions, so here goes. Orange Frog Racing began around 1974 when my father W. Whitman Ball began vintage racing an Austin Healey. He painted the car orange, and  he used to like to eat frogs legs (yuk).  So there you have it OFR history lesson #1.

It seems that throughout the generations of the Ball family, there is a predominant interest in cars.  My great grandfather liked cars and he passed this interest on to his sons. My grandfather the founder of Ball and Ball still has great interest in cars and has owned many interesting  automobiles over the years. Of course he was doing his collecting when Pre-War cars were just used old junk cars. His younger brother (co-founder) also had an appreciation for cars and like  his brother he too passed this passion on to his sons.

So my brother and I were brought up around cars from our earliest years. So it is no accident  that we are both interested in cars. We do all of our own restoration and fabrication work (as you might expect given our trade). We have put this page together to show some of that work,  not because we wish to do automotive restoration work professionally (even though the work is that good) simply because we are proud of the work and would like to share our hobby.

All of our racing is amateur, no prize money, just a $15.00 trophy (if your lucky and good on the same day)! I race in the SCCA (Sports Car Club Of America) in regional competition. The  racing is close and exciting. The events put on by the SCCA are the safest anywhere due to a dedicated group of volunteer workers. These people are real pro's and make it possible for  drivers to compete knowing that if there is an incident there is someone with the expertise to handle it correctly. SCCA workers have been used by professional racing organizations for  years NASCAR, CART, (and FIA when they used to grace America with their presence.) to name a few. Anyway you get the idea.

My father Whitman and my brother, Robert Ball, race in BMW CCA club racing. This racing is sanctioned by the BMW Car Club of America. This series has been in existence for about 3  years and features BMW only racing with the cars separated into groups that will guarantee close competition. These races are held at tracks all across the country and Canada. We only  compete at the tracks close to home.

My father also competes in Vintage racing in the VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) and SVRA (Southeast Vintage Racing Association). These events are exciting  because you get to see old cars (and usually old drivers) competing. Most of these cars are expertly prepared and some could be show cars they look so good! But the are racing which is what they were made for.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Please e-mail me if you want to talk cars.

William W. Ball, Jr.